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Social media marketing is all about getting up close and personal with prospects and customers. It is through these personal interactions that you get to know what your customers are really looking for, their pain points as well as the solutions that would make their life easier. With his information, you can accurately structure your services and products to best suit their needs and solve their problems.

Simply put, social media interactions are the online version of word of mouth: people connect with their friends and talk about what product or company they tried and really liked, who treated them well etc. They also want to share videos, images, infographics and texts that they like and find helpful.

Can Social Media Marketing Really Grow Your Business?

Social media sites are where people are constantly spending a better part of their days. If you want to reach your target audience, you get to where they are.

According to a study conducted in January 2015 in Australia by E-marketing,

  • 89% of marketing efforts gave higher conversion rates with personalized communications
  • 70% of marketers include social media efforts in their marketing efforts
  • 67% of successful marketers confirmed that social media is now a core of their business

How Can Social Media Grow Your Business?

There are endless merits of using social media to market your business. Here are the basic ways through which social media marketing will grow your business.

It boosts exposure of your business in a relaxed and conversational environment

  • It increases the number of people visiting your website
  • It is an easy way to get loyal followers and customers leading to regular buyers
  • The increased traffic to your site improves ranking on search engines leading to increased visibility
  • It grows and strengthens partnerships and business relations
  • It is one of the cheapest marketing methods with the highest ROI.
  • It is a great and affordable way of getting market insights and trends.

With endless social medial channels to choose from, trust us to get you the sites where your customers and prospects are!