Make Your Wholesale Business Look Professional

Product Overview

Ordering & Invoice Management System is specifically designed with wholesale industry in mind. Its primary goal is to save your time in order processing and billing, as well as to make it quick and simple for your customers to place orders. Customers submit orders on the website or through the app, and the orders are processed in the Admin Panel.

Why should I use it?

Saves Time

Our wholesale ordering system not only saves your time, but it saves your customer’s time too. Our services are designed to make ordering products as simple and quick as possible. An admin panel is included in the system for managing customers, inventory, pricing, and orders. With the simplified invoicing function and real-time alerts, you can save hours of work.

Helps in Business Growth

It can accommodate any number of clients or orders. You may add and delete as many clients as you like, keep track of their information, and handle their orders without having to worry about the number of jobs piling up.

Digitize the process:

If you are currently receiving orders through phone, text messages, voice calls, or handwritten lists, this system can help you digitize and centralize your whole business process.

Eliminate Errors:

If you are suffering from multiple order entry errors, processing errors, and order finalizing errors, this system eliminates human errors by computerizing the whole process.


If you need customized and detailed report, this system generates reports based on your business need.

Flexible and Scalable:

If you have different prices for different customers and the price of the product changes on a regular basis, keeping them updated is easy.

And if it's becoming difficult for you to manage several orders from multiple individuals from the same client, our system offers a faster and more convenient alternative.

What do I get?
  • Admin Panel
  • iPhone App and Android App
  • Hosting Included
  • Ordering Web Portal
  • Option to revert payments
  • Free updates
  • Free Support
How it works

Our wholesale ordering software will save you countless hours of work by providing you with all reports you need to manage your business. It also makes ordering for your customers easy.

  • Customers place orders via their phone App / website.
  • Depending on customers location, separate dispatch/warehouse locations might serve different groups of customers, as orders can be diverted to different dispatch locations.
  • Order confirmation is sent to customers via email and WhatsApp messaging.
  • As soon as you get orders, you'll be alerted through email or WhatsApp.
  • When new order arrives, your invoice is automatically created, you just have to approve it or update it. Eliminates the need for manual invoicing.
  • Orders are processed through your administrative panel.
  • Know your stock requirement, before you start packing orders.
  • You can keep track of invoices sent and payment reminder emails sent.
  • Bulk payments can be managed easily with our software, it is easier and simpler than any software you have used.
  • Multiple type of reports available to know the status of invoices, outstanding customers and more.